Owners & Tenants

Have a construction cost professional at the table representing your financial interests. We can monitor the GC’s buy out, review the GC’s estimates, review GC change orders & provide a 3rd party review of GC pricing. We can also assist with your General Contractor selection.

Architects & Engineers

Independent third party estimates reflecting actual costs for the design presented. We do not suggest alternative design to lower price to gain favor with the Owner. Unlike General Contractors, we are not estimating to land the work. Value Engineering can be provided. We can also perform a constructability review of the construction documents.

Construction Managers

Our focus on costs will allow you to provide added value to your client. In addition to the services typically provided to the Owner/Tenant, we can also provide Value Engineering, Constructability Review , 3rd party review of preliminary General Contractor pricing , monitoring of the GC buy out, review the GC estimates, & review GC change orders.

General Contractors

Outsource your estimating overflow. We can provide timely conceptual and detailed estimates (link to ‘Construction Cost Estimating’ under ‘Services’). We can also provide independent third party estimates to validate subcontractor pricing.